d20 Character Sheet - FAQ


Does d20 Character Sheet run on Tablets?

Yes, d20 Character Sheet runs on Tablets.

Does d20 Character Sheet support Pathfinder?

Yes, Pathfinder is supported. Use the Switch Game System option in the menu of the character list to alternate between the supported game systems (D&D v.3.5 and Pathfinder).
The preferences allow you to set the game system you want the app to start with.

Does d20 Character Sheet support D&D 4th edition?

No, the 4th edition is not supported.

Does d20 Character Sheet support D&D 5th edition?

No, the 5th edition is not supported.

What books are included in d20 Character Sheet?

  • D&D v.3.5
    • Player Handbook
    • some races from the Monster Handbooks
  • Pathfinder
    • Core Rulebook
    • Advanced Player's Guide

Is a lite version available for d20 Character Sheet?

No, but I want to usw In-App payment, which would allow to use the app with one character for free.

Is d20 Character Sheet Open Source?

No, the project isn't Open Source by now, but it maybe one day.

Is d20 Character Sheet available on iPhone?

No, iPhone apps have to be implemented in Objective C, but I'm a Java developer.

Missing character classes, races, skills and feats?

If you are missing character classes like Duskblade, races like grey elf or kiloren, skills, feats or items like elven courtblades and raptoran footbows. This is because they are not part of the Open Gaming Licence. I'm not allowed to publish them in my app. For example everything about Faerun is not allowed to publish.

To overcome this problem I added the Administration which enables you to create your own character classes, skills, feats and weapons you are missing.

What about custom equipment?

Create and edit your own weapons, armor and goods, by using the Administration.

What about custom races?

You can create your own custom races using the race administration. The ability administration allows you to create every ability you need and assign it to your race.

What about spell lists?

Spells are listed for your character by spell lists. If your character has access to more than one spell list all are listed and you can choose the one containing the spell you're looking for.

You can create your own spells and assign them to your own spell lists. Spell lists are attached to spell list abilities, which belong to races and classes.

What about notes?

Notes can be administered per character. You can create, edit and delete notes.

What features do you plan next?

See the release plan about available and planned features.

What's your vision of d20 Character Sheet?

My vision is to offer a internet site where you can login and administer your characters for different d20 game systems.

The current d20 Character Sheet app would be, just one of many clients to carry your characters around all the time. While the internet site offers comfortable interfaces to create and edit your characters. The internet site and your client would stay in sync all the time.